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Within the house are our dining rooms, as restaurants for all to share, our lounges that are places to meet, to relax, to sip cocktails, wine or cups of tea, our bar is host to a selection of local beers and spirits. Our wines can be enjoyed or learnt about in our tasting rooms and our terrace room is absolutely the place to be seen dancing at a party. Everything we do is available for all to enjoy with friends, family or people alike. If you are looking for exclusivity then we do that too, the house, bar, lounges or dining rooms can be booked solely for you. We are different, we don't fit the normal mold, we love hosting our guests, adore the challenge of creating a party, and we become what is needed of us. Nothing phases us, we love the variety of the things we do. We are a house that feels like a home, a place to retreat to and a secret to be shared.