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EAT & DRINK with us

A social experience to remember


Casual & Relaxed

We think food should be fun, inspiring and delicious. Different to what you can do at home, full of lots of exciting colours and flavours. We steer away from the norm, our plates are small and meant to be shared. Our menus hardly ever repeated and always carefully created. Every visit should be an experience to be savored and a return visit planned.

Weddings & Private Events

Having pride in all we do is what keeps us up there with the best. You choose your guests because they are your best and they deserve the best. Food is such a big part of almost all celebrations and we want it to stay that way. We never loose the sense of fun, the creativity and the importance of the uniqueness of every menu we produce, today should be your day your way. 

Business & Pleasure

They say business and pleasure should never be mixed, we disagree. Bringing people and teams together is so important today. Social hubs to interact, to chat to laugh and to learn. Food creates an amazing bond, a basis of discussion and a way of creating enjoyment. We take the formality out of the day and add in culinary creativity, inspiration and fun. Food to be shared, discussed and time to be remembered.

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